Meet Joe

Joe Dempsey was born in Fort Polk, LA. Due to his parents military assignment to Fort Hood in 1994, Killeen, Tx would become the place that he'd call home and have the most influence on his upbringing.

Upon relocating to the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and recognizing a major void in a sector of young adults desiring to obtain an education beyond high school, Dempsey embraced his new mission in life, and began advising aspiring At-Risk youth and young adults, by giving back to various youth organizations and lending his expertise and knowledge of overcoming hardships.

In 2011, Dempsey graduated from DeVry University, where he obtained a Bachelors of Science degree in Technical Management with a specialty in Entrepreneurship.

After spending over a decade in the Information Technology field and climbing the corporate ladder for Fortune 500 companies and marketing million dollar brands and start-ups, Joe truly knows what it takes to overcome adversity and over achieve even under unfavorable circumstances. This led him to finding his passion as a Life Coach helping others become the best version of themselves using his motto “Be Great”. He uses his personal and professional experiences to guide his clients seeking to leave their legacy while living out their dream.

Joe served on the executive team as a Director at RPA College. In his spare time he provides Business Strategy and Consulting services to CEOs, Executives, Entrepreneurs as well as Intrapreneurs to assist in growing their personal and professional brands organically through Public Speaking and Mentorship. He also finds joy in helping families build wealth through diverse Financial investments.

Dempsey also founded The Winning Team Foundation which is a global community outreach organization that targets youth and young adults with a primary focus on mentorship and personal development of practical life skills necessary to be successful during the transition into adulthood and beyond through outside-of-box methods.

Life may have altered Dempsey's route, but did not deter his path! Due to his own trials and tribulations, Joe has dedicated his life to servitude, a career of service driven by a pursuit of purpose with a mission to exemplify and teach people how to be their Greatest self.